various cheeses, crackers, fruit, and nuts on a wooden tray

Cheese Chunks

Our wonderful flavor selections compliment your life. Whether you are relaxing with a glass of wine after work or sharing stories while preparing a meal Sonoma® Cheese Chunks fit the occasion. Try a Hot Pepper Jack grilled cheese, a smoky Mac N Cheese with our Chipotle Cheddar, or a spicy burger with Habanero Jack – our cheeses offer countless cooking possibilities. Made from 100% All Natural ingredients and unique bold and savory flavors make Sonoma Cheese chunks perfect for all ages.


There’s nothing ordinary about the Traditional Jack. Savor the sweet creamy flavor of smooth Sonoma Jack. Try it in cheesy potato mash.


Hot Pepper 

Hot Pepper: Sonoma Hot Pepper Jack is the original article, dating back to the 1980’s. The layered flavors of Jalapeños and crushed red peppers blend perfectly with the sweet creamy flavor of Sonoma Jack. Try it in a grilled cheese.


Our smooth Garlic Jack flavor is rich with sautéed garlic. A balanced combination with the sweet creamy flavor of Sonoma Jack. Try it in some loaded potatoes.


The clean, crisp heat of our Habanero is balanced by the sweet creamy flavor of smooth Sonoma Jack. Try it in a spicy mac & cheese or on a  sandwich.

Sonoma Blue

Our Sonoma Blue Jack is deliciously tangy, the perfect balanced and mild snack. Try it on a cheese tray with fresh fruit and nuts.



Sonoma Cheese Nuggets

Sonoma Cheese Nuggets – a perfect snack for all ages and occasions. Pack a nutritional school lunch for the kids, an afternoon boost for work or an everyday on the go snack, Sonoma Cheese Nuggets hits the spot. Our Nuggets satisfy snack cravings while providing great taste and nutrition. Each 1.5 oz. package contains 100% All Natural ingredients, 12 Grams of Protein and 30% of your daily Calcium. Available in the following flavors:

Cheddar Nuggets

Our Mild Cheddar is mellow and smooth with a tangy, yet buttery taste.

Colby Jack Nuggets

Best of both worlds: A blend of the sweet, creamy flavor of Sonoma Jack with the smooth, slightly tangy Sonoma Colby

Hot Pepper Nuggets

The Original Spicy heat of jalapenos blended with Sonoma Jack

Traditional Nuggets

There’s nothing ordinary about our Traditional Jack. Savor the sweet, creamy flavor of smooth Sonoma Jack.

Party Trays

Filled with bold, unique flavors as the Chipotle Cheddar and Habanero Jack to the mild, creamy flavors of Sonoma Blue and Traditional Jack our Red, Hot & Blue Tray delivers a memorable entertaining experience.


Available with our classic Hot Pepper Jack, Traditional Jack and Cheddar along with our bold flavorful Garlic Jack our Wine Country Party Tray speaks to family gatherings and friendly get-togethers.