Discover Better.

We aspire to help you snack better with healthy real cheese snacks that are unique, craveable, and deliciously satisfying. Our snacks are made with simple, real ingredients (nothing you can’t pronounce).

Snack Sonoma Style and Discover Better

Premium Ingredients

We believe a better, healthier snack starts with quality ingredients and handcrafted using only a few, simple ingredients (nothing you can’t pronounce). From natural cheeses made with milk free from any artificial hormones and organic ancient grains for a craveable crunch. Perfect for adding protein and delicious crunch to your snacking or cooking.

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Irresistible Taste

Taste is at our core. We take pride in creating healthy snacks that taste so good we can't stop eating them ourselves. We strive to make it deliciously easy for you to choose a better snack without the guilt.


Recipes and Pairings

Appetizers, salads, cocktails and more!

Our crisps uses as the bread in bruschetta, arranged neatly on a plate