Bought the cheddar ones on a whim at the airport and immediately had to order ALL the flavors on Amazon. So far the BBQ are the best! Super low carb at just 3g a serving and 10g of protein! Hits the chip spot and is SO SO GOOD.
I recently discovered Mr. Cheese O’s and am in love! I had bariatric surgery and am VERY limited on what I can eat for the rest of my life and I miss snacks so badly! I have to watch carbs/protein and this is the ONLY thing I have found where the protein is higher than the carbs! … Between my brother and I we polished off two bags we bought in one sitting!
Kathy A.   
Thank you for the best, healthy snack I've had in a long time! Your product is simply amazing! Yum!
Julie L.   
Move over, there's a new man in my life! Seriously though, this little snack is my new mid-morning jam. I'm kind of digging the macros too!
Addicted to these...Costco needs to continue to carry them! This is the holy grail: a protein-packed portable savory treat!
Piper C.   
These. Are. Amazing. You'll want to eat them with everything. All the time.
Michelle M.   
I hit the jackpot! Went to @costco with the intention to buy only mangoes and deli meat. But just when I was about to order Mr. Cheesy O's from Amazon once I got home, I saw them! I turned the other aisle and found the #parmesancrisps!! I'm so juiced!
Last week we purchased a package of Parmesan Crisps at Costco and we were delighted with the taste. We had company from Oregon over the weekend and they loved them too. I told my online friends how they are lure you to the pantry and make you lie to yourself that you are only going to eat two kind of good!
I love your cheese because I’m lactose intolerant.  My brother told me about your cheese, and I am so happy to find cheese that is both delicious and is safe for me to eat!
David F.   
While visiting in San Fran, I was introduced to your Pesto Jack cheese and I am addicted! I live in North Carolina where they have nothing that good or even that flavor. Keep up the good work!
Karin J.